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     Taking part in community activities has always been a source of inspiration, as Joanna is always seeking calls for art and volunteer opportunities to combine her passions while assisting local groups. Her favorite experiences have been working with museums, nature and science institutions, and animal shelters. 

     Above all, sharing ideas through art leads to wonderful encounters and connections both locally and internationally. Finding perspectives from others with different experiences and diverse outlooks and sharing that knowledge will always be something Joanna cherishes as an artist and teacher. 

     Below is a resume of her public art shows and commissions, updated periodically. Recommendations, References, and a file version of this information are available upon request.




  • PAWS Animal Shelter Volunteer and Artist in Fort Kent, Maine 2008-2016 – Worker and Creative Consultant for Parade Designs and Posters/Event Sales 

  • Fish River Rural Health Fair Community Painting in Eagle Lake, Maine Summer 2015-2017 – Hospital Artist Volunteer 

  • High School Graduation Class Slogan Art Design Spring 2017 – School Artist Feature 

  • Cartoon Network Steven Universe Officially Licensed Fan Design Summer 2017 – Fan Forge Artist Feature 

  • We LEARN (Women Expanding Literacy Education Action Resource Network) at Lehman College in the Bronx, NYC April 29, 2016 - Artist Display and Workshop (Teaching Art and Self Defence Techniques) 

  • Charity Art Auction Showcase in Fort Kent, Maine September 2017 - Art Donated for Display and Auction 

  •  North Museum of Nature and Science Taxidermy Display Painting Collaboration in Lancaster October 2018 - Long Term/Permanent Art Installation 

  •  Two Dudes Painting Mural Artist in Lancaster August 2018 - Long Term Mural Painting Installation on Vine Street 

  •  PCAD Lancaster Social Justice Newpaper Art Show Preventing Declawing October 2018 - Art Show and Newspaper Feature 

  • Market on Third at Schoolhouse Antiques in Palmyra July 13, 2019 - Artist Display 

  • Bushi and Brush Sign Painting in Lancaster August 2019 – Long Term/Permanent Showcase 

  • Market on Third at Schoolhouse Antiques in Palmyra August 17, 2019 - Artist Display 

  • Fall Fest Martial Arts and Painting Demo Show in Lancaster October 12, 2019 - Live Painting Show and Martial Arts Demo 

  • Author Book Signing in Manheim [The Circus Train by Sherri Queen] April 5, 2020 - [Postponed] Signing as Book Illustrator 

  • Lancaster Science Factory Display Sign Commission [Fraktur Mueller Donor Sign, A History of this Place, Lancaster Sewer System Diagram, Solar Chart of Lancaster] April 2020 - Long Term/Permanent Sign Installation 

  • SIGGRAPH National Exhibit Honors August 17, 2020 - Art Showcase at annual ACM SIGGRAPH conference 

  • PCAD Core Gallery Artist Takeover [Fantasy from Life] July 12-July 25, 2020 - Instagram Showcase 

  • Bushi and Brush Summer Artist Spotlight in Lancaster July/August 2020 - Show Coordinator 

  • PCAD Core Gallery Reawakening Gallery Show September 2020 - Gallery Showcase 

  • FIG Magazine Featured Artist in Lancaster Fall 2020 Arts and Education Issue - Artist Display Vendor Show and Magazine Feature 

  • PCAD Senior Show and Celebration in Lancaster Spring 2021 - Illustration Artist Feature (Online and On Campus) 

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